Diablo 3 on Nintendo Switch!

It is official now. Nintendo and Blizzard have announced officially that Diablo 3 is coming to Nintendo Switch. The announcement says, this fall. The game is already up for pre orders on sites like Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop. These websites mention the date of release as 21 December,2018.

The game on the Switch is called Diablo 3: Eternal Collection and includes the original Diablo 3, its expansion Reaper of Souls and the Rise of Necromancer pack.

I had read about the launch of Nintendo Switch last year and was not very excited about it then because of lack of support for 4K gaming.

I looked up online to see how Switch is doing around the world. Nintendo has not officially launched Switch, or for that matter, any of its consoles, in India. I was happy to know that it has strong sales in the U.S. and is doing pretty well. I looked at the intro video too and Nintendo continues to amaze me with its innovations.

For the uninitiated, the Switch is a console cum handheld gaming device launched about an year ago by Nintendo. You can insert the handheld device into a dock connected to the T.V. and game on the T.V. like a normal console or you can remove the handheld device from the dock, attach the joy cons to the handheld and start gaming on the go, instantaneously. For more clarity watch this video.

It is very convenient to just pull the device out of its dock and start playing on the handheld, just like that. The library of games seems to have expanded quite a lot with lot of 3rd party games along with the exclusives.

The games I felt most like trying are Zelda Breath of the Wild and of course Mario Oddyssey. I would play Skyrim too, yes, it is available on Switch.

I have been a gaming fan and a Diablo fan in particular for almost 20 years now. Being able to play Diablo 3 on the go is a very exciting prospect. It is so enticing that I am tempted to buy a Switch to just play Diablo 3 on it!

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