Jio Gigafiber registrations open, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 out

I’ve been a little busy lately. In other recent developments, Reliance Jio has started accepting registrations for  Jio Gigafiber from August 15th on this website. What this really turned out to be was that Jio was just guaging interest from different locations of the country. The areas with highest amount of registrations are going to get connections faster. So, this is not really a registration for a new connection, it is registration for interest.

Meanwhile, Samsung launched the latest edition of the Note series- the Note 9. Is it really an upgrade from last year’s Note?

The battery has got a worthy upgrade- it’s 4000 mAh now. The screen size has gone up by 0.1 inch with resultant minor increase in the phone dimensions. The processor and GPU get an obvious upgrade. The minimum storage size is now 128 GB. There is an upgraded Bluetooth enabled intelligent S pen.

If you have a Note 8, except for the battery upgrade, there is nothing compelling enough to jump to Note 9, in my opinion. Better stick to 8. Older Notes may well consider the upgrade.


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